Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Puzzle Creation

On Friday last week some Room 8 students got 1/4 piece of a whole and the other bit of the Room 8 students got an 1/20 piece of a whole. We also got a blank paper then we had to look carefully at the picture to see what colour we needed then we had to go and get those colours, we had to make sure we only used plastic crayons. We had to keep looking at the picture to see how we had to draw it, after that we had to go give it to the teacher. Something that I can do better next time is to take time my time so it can look much better. The thing that was challenging for me was to make sure that I didn't make many mistakes.


Thursday, 17 May 2018


Last week Room 8 did DMIC, for DMIC Multiplication and Division came together as a group and Ms Bracey put us into groups of four. We were learning about time, minutes and hours. We were given a maths problem with subjects we could choose to add up to one hour. On the paper it said that school starts at 9:00 am - 12:00 am so we had to find six subjects that equal three hours. When we were finished adding our six subjects up to three hours we had to present it and then after we presented it the other groups asked us questions about it. The challenge for me was presenting our work.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Learning to Serve

Last Monday Room 8 went to kiwisport, for kiwisport we had volleyball our instructor was a girl her name is Elena if we forgot her name we had to call her coach. She showed us how to do ready position. When you are doing the ready position to do it you have to lean forward and relax your arms in front of your body.  She also taught us how to serve the volleyball properly, then she told all of us to buddy up with someone. Then one buddy had to go on the other side of the net, after that she told us what we had to do. After that we played a game and the way to play the game was that we had to get into equal groups and then we'd have to choose our best catcher so then the rest of the group had to go on one side of the net and the best catcher had to go on the opposite side. Each one of us had to serve the ball over to the best catcher then after we served the ball over we had to go and help catch the ball. After everyone has finished serving the ball over to the best catcher the best catcher has to go to the other side of the net and then that person has to serve over to all of us and we had to catch it.

Up in the stars

WALT:Repeat writing an explanation. Focus on sentence control. Continue to use a comma for punctuation.

Secondly in the planetarium there are loads of comfortable chairs. In the planetarium you can see the Southern cross, constellations, how planets move at night  and compass points. Sometimes you can even get to see a 3D movie about robots.

Challenge:This time I added a simile.

Te Tuhi Trip

This is my map of how we got to Te Tuhi.

In the corridor at Stardome

WALT:Learning to write an explanation with sentence control and commas to form a list.

Firstly Stardome is a place to learn interesting facts about the Solar System. In the corridors some of the facts you can learn are how day and night works,   what the word Solar means and more information on the Solar System.

This is a challenge to write in the present tense.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Iron Up Sports

Today I learnt how to embed my learning onto my blog post.