Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Me, Myself & I

WALT: Practising posting positive comments using google share

I am a 12 yr old child that loves to explore interesting things and
go on adventures around the world in summer. I have anger issues
which is why people say my temperature is like a volcano erupting.

 5 W’s
What: Explore interesting things
Who: Child
When: In Summer
Where: Around the World
Why: Anger Issues

Falakika,I like that you spaced after a sentence.

Falakika , I like how you used the three key elements of a narrative introduction.

 Falakika, I like the way you used the 3 key elements of a introduction.

 Falakika, I like the how you have so much detail.


Wednesday, 8 August 2018


Last week Room 8 had a boxing session, it was our very first one. For boxing our instructor told us her three important rules before we started. We learnt how to do a rock position, a stance, a jab and a cross.


Price Waterhouse Coopers

WALT: Financial Literacy in Primary

If you borrow something from someone then return it back straight away because if you don’t then you can upset that person.

If it is too hard for you to save then give you money to your parents to hold it for you.

Use your money wisely

Be prepared in case of an emergency

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Divisions Maths Strategy

This is one of the strategies to one of my maths questions
WALT: Adding and Subtracting decimals with tenths

Spider Man

WALT: Write an introduction

One evening Spiderman was having an argument with his friends because they thought he was good at saving people’s lives but he made a horrible mess in the city.
He got angry at them because he thought they were ungrateful that he saved people’s lives.
He ran away and fell into a drain with slimy stuff around.

Santa Claus’s Bad luck Day

WALT: Write a descriptive orientation

One evening on a Friday Santa Claus used his sleigh on his lunch break to get some lunch.
While he was riding his sleigh suddenly it stopped and slowly flew down, Santa Claus walked to an underground train station close by.
Well he was walking he found a portal that led to another world.
Santa Claus took a deep breath and went into the portal.

Teenage Girl

WALT: Include the orientation, character and problem

Once upon a time was a teenage girl who went shopping with her bestfriends. 
Her bullies blamed her for something she didn’t do, she ran into a faraway forest.