Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Magical Key

One day there was a girl named Jenny, Jenny was stuck in a house with a magical key she tried to get out but the door was too small for her to get out so she kept trying to get out then she got the magical key and tried to open up the door after that the door opened then she saw a maze and she went outside to look for the way out but she couldn’t find the way out , but the magical key leaded her to a way out to a place where there was houses at those houses were kids which were her friends  and then she found a house that looked just like her house so she went to that house and she saw her family there and she knocked on the door and it was her family.

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Friday, 13 May 2016


Tuna bounced into Falakika’s api and opened his ngutu falahi.Falakika reached in and grabbed s tao’vala and began to tau’olunga.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Important to my culture

This tattoo is important to my culture because it represents the country and because it shows a sign that families can be together forever. It’s important cause it represents love. It represents the Tongan people.  It has a Tongan flag on it that represents.
It also represents the king and the queen. It’s important because it shows a sign to people to respect each other.

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Falakika TOPS

The Horrible & Terrible Day
It happened at home and a different cool place
On the holidays
Me,Nita,Dad and Mum
Cause it was important
We got a call
The problem is that we were in a hurry to take my dad to his work but then we got a call from my mum’s boss that she has to work today. but  her work is really far from my dad’s work.

The solution is that both of their bosses called them and told them they do not have to work today.

Monday, 9 May 2016

On Sunday

On Sunday my dad went to the church of latter - day saints.While my dad was at church me & my sister woke up and we were playing MKR.MKR is when you cook yummy food.You cook the main,menu and the dessert.For the main me & my sister cooked delicilous,yummy,fresh  noodles & egg.We didn’t have anything for the menu so we just skipped the menu and made the dessert.For our dessert was a cold,hard,special chocolate biscuits.

When we were finished our delicious,yummy,fresh,cold,hard,special food we served it to our mum as our gift for Happy Mother’s Day.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

My Aunt's Dog

My aunt's dog
My aunt's dog is white & black.
He is really huge and boyish.He is a harmless dog and a fluffy dog.
He is also a spotty dog and he likes to run around when he sees car,buck,walk and he likes to lick you when you’re close to him.
His name is Marcus, Marcus would always love to eat with us everytime.

Marcus is very smart .When he is asleep and someone walks past him he can smell that person walking past him.Marcus is so cute even if he is huge and he is helpful.Marcus is a really kind dog.

Today room6 were learning about each other's life.




Today room6 was writing down powerful words about war.