Friday, 24 June 2016


Today room6 had to go to room 3 and in room 3 we were making a presentation about Matariki & I learnt a lot of things about Matariki.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Life cycle of a plant

  Life cycle of a plant

Plants start out as seeds.the seed grows into a plant.Roots grow from the bottom of the seed and shoots grow from the top of the seed.The seed grows a stem and then leaves and flowers.In some plants and flower s turn into fruit.Then the fruit has seed can be planted,then the cycle starts agin the flower feeds us fruit so we give the flower water,sun,love and soil.

Monday, 20 June 2016

WALT write an information report

This week we were learning facts about plants and I learnt about the stem,flower,shoot and the root.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

My House

As I walk in my door to my house, I walk into my kitchen and I see my mum eating, then I walk into the living room and I see my sister watching tv then I walk upstairs and I see my clean room.

This week we were writing about our house

The Beach

On Saturday me and my family went to the beach to get some mussels for us to eat, when we got there we found some white tiny shells and some red dirty crabs.We kept on searching the beach for some mussels then after a while we found lots of mussels so we grabbed the mussels and the shells and the crabs we found home.At home we cooked the mussels and the crabs and we ate it then we went to sleep.

This week we were writing about what we did at the beach

Falakika Plants that store water

This week we were learning about plants that store water.

WALT identify 2d and 3d shapes

This week we were learning about 2d shapes and 3d shapes.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Sharon Holts

When we went to meet Sharon Holts I learnt that good writers don’t need to be perfect and that an author can write poems and stories.She was teaching us about the differences of the seasons.Sharon Holts told us that when you are writing a poem you need to do a plan before you write.When we were leaving we did a dance with Sharon Holts from 2 of her books and she also teached us a dance to those 2 song books.

I learnt that when you are going to write a poem you need to plan before you start

Te Re o

We were writing about what is included in pepeha

My Winter Poem

Remembering Winter
My hands remember eating chicken
My feet remembers going ice skating
My legs remember walking on the hot beach
My face remembers turning purple

My mind remembers my feelings

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Falakika Room 6 Class Site Treasure Hunt

Remember to make a copy of this document. On your copy, put your name in the document title so it says ‘Angel class site treasure hunt’ and put it in your Cybersmarts folder.

What day do we have Kiwisport (gymnastics?)
On Friday and I found it on the weekly  timetable part.

Write down everyone in the Circles group for maths.

I found it on the maths groups.

How many hearts are there on the Kia Manawanui tree on the homepage?
There are 19 hearts on the homepage and I found it on the homepage.
What time is lunchtime?

1:00PM  - 1:45PM
I found it on the the weekly timetable part.
What was the name of Room 6’s last blog post?

Room 6 - 2016 I found it from the class blog.
Which group is Hiria in for reading?
Hiria is in the kowhais group, I found it from the site.

Name one follow up task for writing.

Timote, I found it from the site.

When was the last date Miss Ashley posted on the class blog? What was the post  about?

WALT look at our digital footprint for one school day.I found it from the class blog it was about our digital footprint.


What day of the week do we have music?

On Friday and I found it in the weekly timetable part.
Find out what Miss Ashley’s favourite
food is.
Hint: look on the ‘about us’ heart.
Chocolate, I found it from the about us.

I wish

I wish that I could go and visit my brother in Australia,I wish I that I could go and visit my brother in Australia because I love him and I miss him so much and everytime before I sleep I say a prayer about him to be safe in Australia and because everytime before I sleep I always cry because he is my only brother.He is an awesome person he takes care of kids and he also helps people and his own family everytime.

Angry Birds Movie

On Saturday my family went to the movies to watch the movie Angry Birds. When we got there my mum gave my beautiful, lovely sister $20 and with the $20 me & my sister used it to buy some popcorn and 2 frozens Cokes. When the movie started we saw some of our friends there so we  asked them if they want to sit with us the they said yes of course so they came and sat with us. After that cool, amazing, funny movie finished we went home to have a rest from that awesome movie.