Thursday, 6 April 2017

Duffy show

Today we had duffy assembly.Three people were telling us about operas.

Today we had duffy assembly, three people were talking to us about books their names are Maddison,Philippe and Catherine.Maddison,Philippe and Catherine, they are operas, operas are people that act in a play but they just sing and they don’t talk.They sang two songs to us to as an example, Catherine told us a story that she was once home sick, she called her mum and told her mum she was home sick, her mum said just read a book and you’ll feel better so she read her favourite and she said she felt better and she brave to perform again.

Philippe told us about himself, when they sing together he is the bass and the tenor, the tenor is high and bass is low, one of the songs they sang are american and the way they sing is one person sings first then the next person sings then the last person sings last.They told us the songs they sing are old.

They all told their most embarrassing moments, Maddison’s most embarrassing moment was when she had to sing when she was 9 years old in front of lots of kids, she said when she started singing she suddenly stopped and she froze she started crying.Maddison said she had a grandmother and she was blind and she came to new zealand, she said her grandmother had to learn how to read english with her fingers.When Philippe was about 9 years old he learned how to speak tongan but he didn’t understand english and whenever he went to school he didn’t understand what the teacher was saying but he learnt how to speak english after.