Friday, 29 June 2018

Shape Poem

This is my shape poem I created about the season Summer.

Invention Key: Word Search

WALT: Invent a game for others to play on the moon!

Who is your target audience?  What will your game be named?  What outfit will players be wearing?  What equipment will you need to play?  What are the rules?

The challenge for me was to find out words to use for my word search.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Question Key: The Sun

WALT: The answer is: The Sun

Write 24 questions that would give this answer.

What looks like a hydrogen bomb in space? 
What looks like a huge fireball in space?
What is an object that looks like a enormous glowing sphere of gas in space?
What is a Solar Star?
What is 149.6 million km away from the Earth?
What is in the center of the solar system?
What is almost a perfect sphere of hot plasma?
What does Magnetically Driven Star stand for?
What is the brightest star by apparent visual magnitude?
What is our local star in space?
What is looks like a gigantic yellowish and orangish ball in space?
What is another word for Solar?
What could fit one million Earths in it?
What gives Earth just the right amount of heat?
What do we need to help grow plants and vegetables?
Why do we need to wear sunscreen on sunny days?
Why do we wear sun hats in Summer?
What does all the eight planets orbit?
Where does the force come from that makes all the planets orbit the Sun?
What makes the water hot?
What creates heat on Earth?
Where do light rays come from?
What makes rainbow form?
What is in the middle of the whole Solar System?
What does not orbit anything?

The challenge for me was to try and find answers that answer the Sun.

What if? Key: Moon

WALT: What if we started building houses on the moon?  Who would live there?  What might the consequences of this be?  Do you agree to do this?

What would happen if we started building houses on the Moon?
If we started building houses on the Moon the houses might get wreck and the houses might even get wrecked while making them. 

Who would live there?
If someone lived on the moon I think it would be astronauts only.

What might the consequences of this be?
The consequences of this could be that whoever lives on the Moon their houses might wrecked.

Do you agree to do this?
I do not agree to do this because it will be dangerous and I wouldn’t want  to take any risks.

The challenge for me was to think of things to answer all these questions.

Picture Key: Narrative - Monkey

WALT: What could be happening in these pictures?  Come up with a thoughtful and creative story for each picture.

The Monkey that flew to space

 There once was a monkey named Albert he wanted to fly into space.

 Once upon a time there was a monkey named Albert who wanted to fly into space, so he made a plan to sneak out one day and fly to space, he started building a rocket that he could use to fly into space. After waiting for weeks and days to past the day he had been waiting for came, he waited until night time to sneak out he was so excited to experience what it would feel and look like in space.

 Albert sneaked out the garage silently so his owner would not hear him, of he went into his homemade rocket. After 17 minutes he got his rocket set up and ready to go into space he was so excited that he even made himself a space suit only for monkeys because in his times there were only suits just for humans. As he listened to his guider he put on his suit so when he got into space he could fly around but not just in a rocket in the outer space, he was so hyped that he even flew around in the rocket and forgot about what his guider told him to do if he went offline. A few minutes after Albert made into space, he and his guider searched for somewhere to park they flew to the moon and parked on it . Albert got out and connected his suit to the rocket so he wouldn't get lost in space, as he started exploring around in space he thought his owner would go to him but he wasn't there Albert didn't really want his owner to be worried about him so he just explored space for one hour then went back. As he went back his guider was online for about 7 minutes but went offline.

Albert was so worried he was panicking a lot but luckily he remembered that he put a poster saying "if your guider has went offline read these instructions to take you back home". He so happy that  he put that poster there, so he read the instructions very carefully and did as it said. When he made it back home he ran to his bed very quickly os his owner wouldn't notice that he was gone. His owner came and checked on him then left to go and sleep.

Albert learnt that he shouldn't do things without permission because things can go wrong.

The challenge for me was to think of a story related to this picture.

Picture Key: Narrative - Cat and Pizzas

WALT: What could be happening in these pictures?  Come up with a thoughtful and creative story for each picture.

The two Cats and Moving Pizzas in space

There once was a cat that wanted explore space.

Long long long ago, was a cat named Josephine who wanted to explore space she always planned of going with her cat friend Aliana who also wanted to explore space because they had been learning about the Solar System, they waited for days to past until they could sneak out quickly. Soon came the right day to sneak out because both their owners went on a double date and left Josephine with Aliana at home to rest. They sneaked out very quickly because they didn’t know when their owners would return home.

About 20 minutes later they made it to the rocket, they were so excited to see what it feels like to be in actual space. They listened very carefully to their guider so they wouldn't do anything wrong, as the rocket zoomed high up into space the cats were meowing loudly and happily. When they got into space they searched for somewhere to park their rocket, after they parked the rocket on a colourful planet they jumped out and started to explore the it. The colourful planet was kind of a mystery planet to them but Aliana wanted to go and explore the pizza planets so she left but Josephine stayed, after a few moments later they met each back at the rocket but there was a problem as their guider was taking them back home something bad happened their guider got cut of line because they were in space for too long.

They started panicking luckily Josephine found a book in the rocket the title was "How to fly a rocket back to Earth" they were glad that Josephine found the book so Josephine read the book to Aliana as she listened and did as it said in it. Two hours later they made it back home safely, they made it just in time they ran their fastest to bed so their owners wouldn't know where they went.

The two of them learnt how to fly a rocket back to planet Earth.

The challenge for me was to write down a story about this made up picture.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Interview Key: 13 Questions for Sun

WALT: Imagine you are going to interview the Sun.  Write 13 questions that you would ask.
Use a range of question starters and open/closed questions.

Extension:  Write what you imagine the Sun would say to answer each of your questions!

Why do planets orbit the Sun?  Because of the Sun's magnetic fields.

What is another word for the Sun?  A Magnetically driven star or Solar.

How far is the Sun from Mercury? 57.91 million km away.

Who is the fastest spinning planet in the Solar System?  Jupiter is the fastest spinning planet in the Solar System.

Since Solar means Sun what is another way to say Solar System? Another way is Sun System.

How many planets are in the Solar System? There are 9 planets in the Solar System.

What is the closest planet to the Sun? Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.

Which planet is not a terrestrial planet in the Solar System? Saturn is the only

planet in the Solar System that is not a terrestrial planet.

Which planet is a densest planet? Earth is a densest planet.

Where is the main asteroid belt in the Solar System? Between Mars and Jupiter.

Which is shorter, Mercury's day or year? Mercury’s year is shorter.

How long is Mercury's day? 176 Earth Days.

What is the Great Red Spot on Jupiter? A storm that lasted over 100 years.

The challenge for me was to think of questions to write down.

Prediction Key: Houses on Moons

The challenge for me was to try and create what I thought a house on a moon would look like.

WALT: Predict how houses on the moon might look.  Remember, there is no oxygen in space for us to breath!

Draw a labelled diagram of your prediction!

Comparison Key: Earth and Mars

The challenge for me was to think of the things that Mars and Earth had in common.

WALT: What are the similarities and differences between Mars and Earth?

You could use a Venn diagram or T-Chart to organise your thinking.

Variations Key:Pollution Poster

WALT: How many ways can you think of to
get people treating our earth better?

Design a poster that could be displayed around our community.
The challenge for me was to find facts about how we could stop people from polluting our planet Earth.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Narrative: Lost in the Forest

Lost in the Forest

There once was a girl named Allison she was a young gorgeous child who lived in a castle.

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Allison she was a young gorgeous child who lived in a castle but wanted to explore what was outside.  So she planned to sneak out one day, she packed some snacks and some drinks to take with her on her journey. After weeks went past the day had come her one and only chance to discover what was missing in her life.

She tipped toed out the door very quietly so her parents wouldn’t hear her because her parents would expect that shes sleeping. She walked around with happiness, but then she got tired as she walked around experiencing what it would be like outside in the wilderness. So she stopped and searched for a comfortable spot to have a nap, when she woke up she had forgotten where she was because as she looked around the place did not look familiar to her. She started to regret going outside and not listening to her parents, she started to worry that she might get kidnapped.

Her parents went to her room and saw that she wasn’t in bed so they searched around the whole castle but she was nowhere to be found, her parents started to worry a lot so they called all their guards to go and search for her. Hours later they found her, her parents felt blessed to be with their one and only child.

Allison learnt about why her parents did not want her to go out in the wilderness.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

BAR Key: Satellite

I created this satellite by using google drawings and shapes.
The challenge for me was to try and create a satellite so people who view my work they know what it is.

WALT: Use the BAR key to improve the
design of at least two of these options..

Astronaut uniform

BAR Key: Rocket

I created this rocket by using google drawings and shapes.
The challenge for me was to try and create my rocket properly.

WALT: Use the BAR key to improve the

design of at least two of these options..


Astronaut uniform

Friday, 15 June 2018

Seasons Animation

WALT: Create an animation using google drawing. 
Challenge: The challenge for me was to fit in everything onto a slide.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Mystery - Who's the best

In our reading groups Mystery presented a play called "Who's the best".

Ko Pepeha

Moon Phases Animation

WALT: Using google drawings create the different moon phases.
Challenge: The challenge for me was to put the moon phases in the right order.

Who's the best

 I learnt that Saturn has the most rings and that Uranus is the bluest planet.

WALT: Working as a team

The challenge for me was to speak loudly when it was my turn to talk.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Our Puzzle Creation

Our Puzzle Creation We created a solar system puzzle

Firstly, we were given a blank piece of enlarged paper and 1/20 of a whole.

Secondly, on the blank piece of enlarged paper we had to look at the 1/20 piece of paper and then copy it onto the enlarged paper but enlarge it when you draw it so that it could fill up the whole paper.

Thirdly, we had to add a lot of detail onto it so that it could stand out. When we were done I thought it would be a mystery to see it at the end when it was put altogether.

 WALT: Use specific vocabulary
Challenge: The challenge for me was when I had to try and draw the white lines onto it.

Falakika - Inflatable

WALT:Describe an Experience

What is a Haier inflatable?

 A Haier inflatable is like an obstacle course!

 Firstly, you will feel like you are in a cannon because you will get spat out of a washing machine. In Fact it will feel pressuring and challenging for children. 

Secondly, you might feel like you are diving into a pool because you will jump into a washing machine. You will feel exhausted because you will be competing with a partner.

 Last of all, thanks Milan.