Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Behaviour in the Corridors

This is my comic strip it is about behaviour in the corridors.These two photos are what you should not do but you should tell them to stop because if you don't they might carry on doing it.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Falakika - Sgraffito

My sgraffito shows how I drew Mokoia Pa, there was a fortified village that Maori people lived in on a hill. We also learnt about the two previous Panmure bridges but I only drew the Mokoia Pa. The Maori people built their Pa on a hill so they can see when their enemies are coming to attack them. Close by was a river named Tamaki River. In the Tamaki River was delicious fish that they could fish for so they could get food. There was also a volcano with fertile soil that the Maori people used to grow vegetables. There used to be a swing bridge before the existing Panmure bridge but it wasn’t safe enough for the cars to drive on so they demolished it.

WALT: I learnt about Mokoia Pa. The challenge for me was remembering to add a space after a full stop.