Friday, 15 June 2018


WALT: Create an animation using google drawing.
Challenge: The challenge for me was to fit in everything onto a slide.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Mystery - Who's the best

In our reading groups Mystery presented a play called "Who's the best".

Ko Pepeha

Moon Phases Animation

WALT: Using google drawings create the different moon phases.
Challenge: The challenge for me was to put the moon phases in the right order.

Who's the best

 I learnt that Saturn has the most rings and that Uranus is the bluest planet.

WALT: Working as a team

The challenge for me was to speak loudly when it was my turn to talk.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Our Puzzle Creation

Our Puzzle Creation

We created a solar system puzzle

Firstly, we were given a blank piece of enlarged paper and 1/20 of a whole.
Secondly, on the blank piece of enlarged paper we had to look at the 1/20 piece of paper and then copy it onto the enlarged paper but enlarge it when you draw it so that it could fill up the whole paper.
Thirdly, we had to add a lot of detail onto it so that it could stand out. When we were done I thought it would be a mystery to see it at the end when it was put altogether.
WALT: Use specific vocabulary

Challenge: The challenge for me was when I had to try and draw the white lines onto it.


Falakika - Inflatable

WALT:Describe an Experience

What is a Haier inflatable?

A Haier inflatable is like an obstacle course!

Firstly, you will feel like you are in a cannon because you will get spat out of a washing machine. In Fact it will feel pressuring and challenging for children.

Secondly,  you might feel like you are diving into a pool because you will jump into a washing machine. You will feel exhausted because you will be competing with a partner.

Last of all, thanks Milan.