Thursday, 22 November 2018

2018 Blog Posts

My top month of blogging was June because the work we had to complete in June was thinkers key and thinkers key has a lot of slides on it that we had to complete.

My lowest month for posting was April and July because I struggled with the work we were given in those two months.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

The Ultimate Spy Binoculars

WALT: Improve technology spy gadget.
This is a spy gadget I have designed using different types of systems that could really help while you are spying on a suspect.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Boxing Feedback

WALT: Learning how to box using the 3 commandments

3 Commandments:

I will have respect for myself, my coach, my peers and the sport of boxing.


I will have the discipline to turn up to every boxing session and give my 100%


I will not cause harm to others and only practise boxing in a safe environment under the guidance of a coach.

I enjoyed learning boxing skills with Pax and would like to learn more for self defense.
Thanks Pax

Tuakana Teina Day

WALT: Learning from each other, Learning with each other

On Wednesday it was tuakana teina day, tuakana teina means younger to older. Which means that a senior class has to buddy up with a junior class.

Firstly, Ms Fepuleai did the roll then she explained to us how our behaviour should look and sound like. She told us ways of how we were going to help our buddies from Room 3 keep up with our earthquake proof houses.

Secondly, we then had to walk down to Room 3 so we can start working on creating our earthquake proof houses. When we arrived in Room 3 we looked at a slide based on earthquakes, Ms Fepuleai wrote some of the rules we were going to be looking at while we were answering some of Miss Gormly's questions. We watched a video filled with different types of ideas of how we can make our basic house earthquake proof.

Thirdly,  we all went outside so Ms Fepuleai and Miss Gormly can put us into our groups. In my group was Savannah, Cheska, Tasi and myself. Our idea to make our basic house earthquake proof was to use four long rubber bands and nine red furry  bendy sticks ( Pipe Sticks ). After we finished making our basic house earthquake proof we had to go and tie it onto the playground then Miss Gormly tested it. 


Tuesday, 18 September 2018


WALT: Use your listening skills

Making chatterboxes

Yay Chatterbox !!
On Tuesday morning Room 8 students created chatterboxes to make a fun start to our day.

Firstly, Ms Bracey gave all of us one page each from a magazine so we can be prepared to create our chatterbox. After that Ms Bracey told all of us to hold one corner and fold it so it can be a large triangle, she then she told us to cut off the remaining paper and discard it into the paper bin.

Secondly, Ms Bracey said “ after you’ve completed cutting the remainder unfold the triangle and wait quietly ”. Ms Bracey gave us the next instruction which was to fold four corners to the middle of the square. She then told us to flip over our chatterbox and repeat the same thing we did on the step before we had to flip over our chatterbox. 

Thirdly, chatterboxes are used to test people in asking them questions they get. In order to complete making a chatterbox you have to write numbers on it and then write questions on the inside so someone can answer it if they get it.

Lastly, we had to fold the chatterbox in half and then our chatterbox was finally completed YAY!! We played with the chatterbox as if it were a fortune teller.


Monday, 17 September 2018

Magic Snow

Magic Snow

Incredible magic snow,  on Wednesday morning the students in  Room 8 worked on a science experiment based on creating magic snow.

Firstly, Ms Bracey talked to Room 8 students about history that happened in the past at New World. After Ms Bracey talked about history she showed us a little packet with the logo magic snow on it,  she read the WARNING on the back of the packet written in red so we wouldn’t try to eat the magic snow.  In the packet was a powdery product called polymer, polymer is something some companies use to put in diapers.

Secondly, Ms Bracey gave each table a small transparent plastic cup with one scissor and also one packet of polymer. We used the scissor to cut open the packet of polymer then we poured the polymer into the small transparent plastic cup. We then waited patiently for Ms Bracey to give each table ½ a cup of cold tap water. We were very excited to tip the cold tap water into the polymer.

Lastly, When Ms Bracey gave each table a cup of cold tap water we were finally allowed to pour the water in the polymer. As we tipped the water into the polymer it started to rise up as if it were a puffy ball.