Tuesday, 30 August 2016

My Goals For This Week

The Nervous System,The Nervous System sends a message to your whole body and it functions your body. The Digestive System, The Digestive System means when you eat the food goes down your body and the nutrients go away and the food that you don't need you poop it out.The Muscular System, The Muscular System means if you exercise your muscles will keep on growing.

Monday, 29 August 2016

WALT: I am learning about private and public information

Sometimes we need to keep our private information just to ourselves because someone can kidnap you and they might change your password if you tell them.

Tamaki Primary School

Hi my name is Falakika, I go to Tamaki Primary and I am 8 years old.At Tamaki Primary, we have lots of fun and the kids are sensational to each other and are so awesome,we help one another because we try to obey the school values.

Tamaki Primary is close to Tamaki river and on the other side of the shops and houses.

At our school there are 10 teachers their names are Miss Ashley,Mrs Sharma,Miss Morrison,Miss Aireen,Kelly,Liddicoat,Mrs Kelly,Miss Kumoa,Sharon and Miss Shiriwastow.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Cybersmart week 5

The Crocodile accident

Jack “Are you going somewhere today” said mum. “I’m going fishing” Jack called back.So Jack fishing, after a while he got a bit tired.

Then he heard a strange noise so he woke up and he saw a scary green huge crocodile, the scary green huge crocodile bit a huge part of the boat.

So he grabbed a huge strong stick and he whacked the scary green huge crocodile as hard as he could he whacked the creepy crocodile away and he survived.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Cybersmart week 4

WALT: I am learning shortcuts to use my netbook efficiently

Control + Tab is to change between tabs
Control + 9 shows you your most recent tab

Highlighting a word, right clicking and clicking ‘research’ opens a mini Google search inside Drawings.You can drag photos over.

Dragging the little triangle at the bottom of the Drawing changes the size of the page