Thursday, 22 September 2016

The High Ropes in The Treetops

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“I’m so excited to try the high ropes”Said Jack.Jack,John and Jackson went to do high ropes in the treetops, “Ooh Ooh I want to go first”Said John.John put on his harness for his safety,Jack was still climbing up the vertical ladder while John was on the high rope.“Hey John can I come on now”Asked Jackson.Jackson went on with John.

The rungs started to wobble, one rung broke then all of the rungs started to brake too,The metal cable dropped,John and Jackson swung side to side they couldn’t find their way back because they were in the middle.

Luckily Jack got a bouncy castle so they could drop on the bouncy castle,“Drop down” Shouted Jack.When they dropped they felt that the bouncy castle was as bouncy as an bouncy light ball.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Wedding

“Sarah it’s time to get ready for the wedding”Said John excitingly.“Oh I can’t wait”Sarah said.“Sarah have you seen my wedding suite”Said John.“No I haven’t”Said Sarah.Sarah put her shiny white beautiful wedding dress and John put on his black elegant suite,The limbo drove us to the wedding, as they walked in they saw their beautiful families they got to the front.

Sarah was too emotional that she started crying and her mascara started dripping down her face, John still wanted to marry her because he still loved her so he decided to go and search for her.

He searched for her in the forest because he knew that was where she would to cheer her up,he found her in her favourite spot which was where they played together when they were young, he was so happy he found her so he said I still love you we will still get married you don’t have to be pretty to get married because you’re already pretty,so they got married and they got three kids,they lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Dark Dangerous Forest

“It's boring I'm going to see how it looks like in the dark dangerous forest”I said.Are you sure no one has been through the dark dangerous forest”Claire said with a deep voice.“Well what else could I do”I said.“You could have a rest”Claire said with a high voice.“I’m leaving now ok”I said.As I got into my car I started to drive, I drove past some people on the path having a conversation.

When I got to the dark dangerous forest I walked through it was so quiet there was blue haze on the ground I got to the other side I saw some hungry wolves there they ran to me I ran as fast as I could and I clambered up the tall tree that was as tall as an giraffe and the hungry wolves ran as fast as an cheetah.

The people I saw on the path having a conversation came and they slayed the wolves, I was so happy they came, I got home Claire was happy I came home safely.

How Hearing Aids Work

Today room 6 was learning about how hearing aids work.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Learning My Basic Facts

Today we are practising learning our basic facts.We are using the game speed skills to do this.This game is about knowing your basic facts and beating your own score from  before.It is not about beating other people.It is about beating youraself.Learning my basic facts and timetables will help me move up my levels in maths.

On A Foggy Morning

" It was a foggy morning " I said.A bunch of leaves were on the ground, the tall trees were as tall as an giraffe.The leaves on the ground were showing us a path to a place.The place where the leaves leaded us to was to an forest.

Then as we were walking through the forest I saw a with long claws sharp teeth and huge eyes, the bear came running to us it made a loud growl at us we started to run as fast as we could.

We ran into a dark place we heard some noise,we looked around us to check if the bear was still there and the bear wasn’t there the bear disappeared we were so happy that we got away from the bear “We should go home because the bear might still be out there”I said.    

Thursday, 15 September 2016

A Glorious Day

‘‘My beautiful gorgeous darlings you need to get ready for school’’said Dad.‘‘Ok we will’’said the oldest daughter exhaustingly.When they were finished they had some yummy delicious cereal for breakfast.Dad took them to school, then he went back home but before he left he said to them ‘‘bye darlings love you all be safe’’said Dad.

As they got up to the old bridge they started crossing,one side on the bridge started breaking and cracking on the edge of the old bridge then the side that they were on was starting to break the bridge was cracking,the oldest daughter told her younger sisters to‘‘ don’t be afraid you’re with me just believe in yourself ok’’said the oldest daughter.

They all started yelling for help, while that a helicopter was passing then one of the man looked down and he saw something it looked like dots the person controlling the  helicopter went closer to see properly when they went closer it was them they went to rescue them the people in the helicopter took them back to their dad and the oldest daughter said‘‘I’m so proud of you too for believing in yourself.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Tongan Language Week

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Today Tamaki Primary was celebrating Tongan Language week,The Tongan group were going to perform the Tongan dance,it was fun when I performed I felt kind of shy and when I’m shy I start to forget the moves to the dance the older kids performed too,Mrs Kelly our principal invited Ruapotaka School to celebrate with our school and students we listened to the band while they were singing we all went back to our classes and the Tongan group got shared lunch then the classes started to get ready to go swimming so we all went to room 10.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Human Body

The whole of last week room 6 were learning about the human body.

My Cat

Me and Mia always play her favourite game which is hide & seek, we went to the park,there was an ferocious dog so Mia ran into a bush, a while ago she didn't hear anymore barking,So she wanted to go back to the park because she was getting scared but she forgot the way back to the park so she stayed and tried to remember her way back.

Then Mia heard some strange noises she got even more frightened and afraid, she heard two people talking, I just realised that Mia was lost so I asked my friend Claire"Claire have you seen my Cat Mia"I Asked."No I haven't seen her anywhere"Claire said back.

Claire walked into a bush and heard a meow she also felt fur so she looked to the ground and it was Mia she gave Mia to me and I was so happy that Claire found her I told Mia"You made me worry"I said, Me and Claire was laughing then we went back home. 

The Bush

On a beautiful nice lovely day, In the morning I walked into a bush and I heard birds making a loud calming song come to my mind it was lovely, I saw my reflection in the water, the leaves on the trees were k wet, the trees looked old and the grass was long you can’t even see where you are going to step.

The sun shines bright in the sky it even shines right into my eyes, you can even feel the hotness from the sun,
As I walk through the bush it's like I am walking slow I could even feel the coldness.

As I’m walking I could hear insects crowding around me, I see some birds and I hear those birds chirping and tweeting loud, and at the end I see tall trees that are as tall as an giraffe.


On Tuesday Room 6 went to the Panmure Lagoon Pools I was new, In the group I was in was Hope.t,Monita,Alo,Syraiah - lee,Hope.L,Fine,Angel,Dziah.What I learnt to do during our lesson was how to do a streamline,I had a lot of fun and we were also learning  how to float on our back and how to float on our stomach,Then we got changed and went back to school.