Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Wedding

“Sarah it’s time to get ready for the wedding”Said John excitingly.“Oh I can’t wait”Sarah said.“Sarah have you seen my wedding suite”Said John.“No I haven’t”Said Sarah.Sarah put her shiny white beautiful wedding dress and John put on his black elegant suite,The limbo drove us to the wedding, as they walked in they saw their beautiful families they got to the front.

Sarah was too emotional that she started crying and her mascara started dripping down her face, John still wanted to marry her because he still loved her so he decided to go and search for her.

He searched for her in the forest because he knew that was where she would to cheer her up,he found her in her favourite spot which was where they played together when they were young, he was so happy he found her so he said I still love you we will still get married you don’t have to be pretty to get married because you’re already pretty,so they got married and they got three kids,they lived happily ever after.


  1. Hello Kika,I love your amazing work I love it how you put a lot of effort into your amazing wonderful lovely story and I also love it how you put powerful words into your awesome story keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!Its so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!