Wednesday, 7 September 2016

My Cat

Me and Mia always play her favourite game which is hide & seek, we went to the park,there was an ferocious dog so Mia ran into a bush, a while ago she didn't hear anymore barking,So she wanted to go back to the park because she was getting scared but she forgot the way back to the park so she stayed and tried to remember her way back.

Then Mia heard some strange noises she got even more frightened and afraid, she heard two people talking, I just realised that Mia was lost so I asked my friend Claire"Claire have you seen my Cat Mia"I Asked."No I haven't seen her anywhere"Claire said back.

Claire walked into a bush and heard a meow she also felt fur so she looked to the ground and it was Mia she gave Mia to me and I was so happy that Claire found her I told Mia"You made me worry"I said, Me and Claire was laughing then we went back home. 

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