Monday, 31 July 2017

WAL: About The History Of Hip Hop

Today room 7 had hip hop for kiwisport and there was a lady named Jasmine she told us the four elements they are Music,Art,Dance & Poetry.For music you need a dj, for art you do graffiti, for poetry you rap/mc and for dance you do breakdancing.Hip Hop was made in America USA New York, it was made in 1973 till now, it was made because the Africans Americans and the Latinos were treated badly so they felt repressed and they wanted to do something the will express them so they invented Hip Hop.Jasmine taught us some social dances they are both called Smurf and Jame Brown.Then at the end of kiwisport we all had to stand in a circle and we all one by one stood in the middle and did something.