Thursday, 17 August 2017

WALT plan for writing

The Darkest Deepest Strongest Cave
One early morning there was a man named Jacob and he wanted to go scuba diving with his friends and exactly there was ten of them so when he went scuba diving with his friends they went somewhere deep and somewhere scary where no one has been before.

While they were so deep they saw a scary underwater cave where they kinda got scared but then…... one of Jacob's friend thought he was stronger and not afraid to go inside so he did go inside to prove that he was brave enough to go inside but then DUN DUN DUN  when he was going to go inside the cave he got sucked into the cave and the others tried to save them but then they got sucked inside the cave as well and they didn't know that there was a rock beside the cave that got pushed by the rough water and blocked the exit of the cave and now they got trapped inside the cave but all of them got stuck in the cave as well, the cave was very deep.

But lucky one of Jacob's friends had a waterproof phone that can call anyone so then they called another friend to go on a submarine and go into the deep sea and try to remove the rock from the exit.It took a while and it got dark then the submarine finally found them and since the submarine had a large strong claw  the submarine to the rock out of the way and one of his friends was looking around the cave and found a treasure chest while they were waiting that had heaps of treasure that he shared it with everyone to have some so then they hopped into the submarine and went to the surface of the water and said that they will never go scuba diving again.

By:Falakika & Merielle

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  1. Hi kika i like how you add detail and put your ideas in one story it very amazing keep the work up