Thursday, 26 October 2017

Yoga Challenge 2.0

This morning room 7 did part 2 of the yoga challenge, I came late so I only got to do a little but I was still happy because I would be too shy to  do it.When I came Lydia had nobody so we went into buddies, the rest for us were very difficult.Every Time we would change to the next photo Miss Fepuleai would tell us to  inhale and exhale then she would say Namaste.

Everyone that came late was Falakika,Stanley & Amon we all came late but at different times, anyways, there were two that we had to go into big groups and then Stanley arrived then we were finishing up when Amon came but we all wanted to do 1 more so we did that 1 more photo and to me out of all the ones I did with Lydia that last one was the hardest to me.

Me and Lydia couldn’t do it but we kept on trying but at the same time  I didn’t want to do it but I did it.The whole time it was really fun for me and I’m sure it was fun for the others too.I also enjoyed it at the same time.

I hope we get to do Yoga Challenge 3.0 next time.

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