Thursday, 24 March 2016

Julia Donaldson

Research and find the answers to these questions -

  • How old is Julia?
Julia is 67 years old now and her birthday in on 16 September.
  • Where does she live?
Julia lives in Glasgow which is in UK the kingdom.
  • Where was she born?
She was born in North London.
  • How many books has she written?
She has written 184 books altogether.
  • What was the first book she wrote?
The first book she has wrote is ‘The Gruffalo.
  • What is her favourite book?
Her favourite book is Charlie cooks favourite book
  • When was room on the broom published?
Room on the Broom was published in 2002.
  • When did Julia Start making books?
Julia started making books in 1999.
  • What is her husband’s name?
Her husband’s name is Malcolm.
  • What is their first collaboration?
The paper dolls is their first  collaboration.
  • When was she born?
She was born on the 16 of september.
Now think of 5 questions of your own and find the answers.

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