Wednesday, 12 October 2016

A Little Boy

There was a lovely rich family that lived in a beautiful house.

One night a wave of some nasty terrible horrible criminals broke into there  house the terrible horrible criminals had guns in there hands.“Everybody get down here right now”Shouted the criminals.The mother peeked to see who it was and she saw the criminals so she went to tell her son to climb out the window.

He ran  as fast as a cheetah could to get some help ran to his neighbours but no one was there he called some of his family members but they wouldn’t answer the phone he ran back home but no one was home all their money was stolen so he ran away crying, he got tired so he just slept in front of a building.

In the morning he was starving but the only thing he had was a phone but it was low battery, then a man came to him“Hey little boy where are your parents”The man said.“They were kidnapped by criminals”The little boy said.“What's your name”Said the man.“John Martin”He said.“I’m your mother’s brother that means I’m your uncle”His uncle said happily.“Can I come to your home with You Please”John said.“Of Course you can come on”His uncle said.

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