Wednesday, 2 November 2016

My Opinion

My Opinions About Roller Coasters

After reading the articles that told about the incidents that have hae][ned at theme parks, I would never ride on a roller coaster because I do not want to die or get injured seriously. When you are injured seriously you could still die. But sometimes I could change my mind if they have a sign that says it has been checked recently and regularly. I have to make sure that it is safe for me and other families to go on. I also feel sad about the people who died at Dreamworld and the 92,000 children who have been injured in the past 20 years. It is important to read lots about theme parks to get correct information. I think it is safe to go on slower rides but can be very dangerous to go on roller coasters.


  1. Hey there,i have been on a roller coaster ride before and once i went on the invader and then i saw the roller coaster ride was stuck upside down and that was because one of the screws had come out. i am seeing that you would not like to go on a roller coaster ride because it is scary. but once you go on one you will be fine.

  2. Malo e lelei Falakika, I really liked how you have explained how some theme park rides are dangerous! I also love reading articals about tragic stuff that has happened to poor people. I've also heard about the people who died in the theme park that was really sad. What did you feel like when you heard about the people who died? Anyways keep up the good work Falakika! From Amelia.