Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Making Banana Bread

Today room 7 were cooking banana bread, we were put into groups of 4 in my group was Merielle,Coralee,Hiria and Kika which is me.In each group  one person would go to Miss Ashley and get a bowl with half a banana and a full banana in the bowl then take the bowl to your table and mash it.Then Miss Ashley would call a person from each group to go to her and get a bowl with flower and sugar in it.When they brought it back to the table one person had to mix it and wait for Miss Ashley to bring the butter and pour it in then mix it again.Then you pour the ingredients you mixed onto a pan the gently keep tapping on your banana bread then wait for Miss Liddicoat to come and take your banana bread to cook.


  1. Hi Kika,
    I think it is a great piece of work, but maybe next time you could try add some more punctuation to your stories to make it a bit better. Overall well done :D.


    1. Hi Edith,
      Thanks for the comment and yes I will put more punctuation.