Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Recount - Tip Top Factory

Today room 7, room 8, room 6 and room 5 went to the

Room 7 and Room 8 and Room 5 all went to room 6 so we can get put into our groups, when my name was called for my group my group leader was Kordell’s dad, in my group was Kordell,Kika,Hiria and Auckland.In our groups we quietly walked outside the classroom and downstairs then we walked to the bus, In the buses each leader of the groups would call the kids in their groups to recheck if the kids in their groups are in the bus.

Finally we arrived at the tip top factory, all the classes got to play on the park then all the room 8 students would have to go and explore what it looks like in the tip top factory, while room 8 was going to explore the tip top factory the rest of the classes had to go to the waiting room, while we were waiting we were playing games and stuff.Room 8 was coming back then it was our turn to go inside the tip top factory.

A lady came to lead and show us around the tip top factory her name was Pou, outside the tip top factory Pou showed us the old tip top trucks then she showed us the new tip top trucks.She took us inside and she told and showed us how they make the ice cream and the ingredients.

Then it came to the end and we watched a movie and we all got to pick a ice block to eat and we carried on watching the movie until it was finished, then we had to go back to school.

It was a fun trip I hope we go there again.

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